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2002-05-09, 9:18 a.m.: my aloe vera plant...

I slept extremely well yesterday night, and I woke up feeling amazing. I'm going to attribute it to one of two things...or mabye both in that case. I had my first rehearsal yesterday, which was so damn fun I almost peed myself in excitment. I mean it was very confusing and shit cause we were going thru blocking, but it was so much fun. The stage is a very natural environment for me...it just feels like home. The other reason I think I slept so well is b/c I put my Aloe Vera plant by my window in the bedroom. I think the added oxygen really helped...or it could be the whole placebo effect and shit...still, I feel great.

Our weather is even worse today. It's cloudy, gloomy, foggy and we're suppose to get some serious thunder storms in the p.m. Okay, that part is alright cause I love thunder storms...I hate rain, but I love thunders storms and lightning. Ususally in this kind of weather I have a massive headache cause of the low pressure system...I'm telling you, that aloe vera plant! I have another plant that my Dad got for me. I have to pick it up @ their place and he's going to pot me some more from some of their own.

I went by the 24 hr grocery store a/f my rehearsal yesterday and picked up avocados and mangos. They were selling them 2 for .99 and I'm addicted to them. I got the last 2 avocados and when they re-stock I'm going back for more. Although if you eat too many of them you start to put more meat on your ass. They're really high in iron, which is why I eat them...and the taste of course, but they're high in fat too so you know what that means. I like to slice them in half and then put salt on them and scoop it out with a spoon. That, or spread it on bread. Fucking delicious.

So, is the Stanley Cup coming to T.O. this year?! Why yes, I think it is. I'm looking forward to the World Cup too this year. I looove watching soccer...it's gotta be my favorite sport to watch. All those sexy soccer players running a/r, showing off those beautiful legs. Have you ever noticed how beautiful their legs are? It's like dancing on a field...a little rougher of course, and I may even give them more dramatic too. My Daddy played soccer when I was young and I use to go watch him all the time. I think that's why I love it so much, that and my Grandfather use to take care of me while I watched him...I loved him the most.