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2002-05-10, 9:35 a.m.: lots of love...

Why do people call me here b/f 9:00 am? I mean we don't open until 9, so don't bother calling @ five to or ten to...come on now. Yummm. I'm smelling the tasty aroma of coffee right now. It's really like in that commercial where the couple wakes up to the smell of it and they feel so refreshed and shit. Anticipating the caffeine rush is what it triggers. I just put lotion on my hands...they feel so soft and silky right now. Kinda like they feel a/f I've given someone a hand job...I think it has the same benefits for your skin you know.

I had a restful night. A/f I went to the gym and busted my ass off. Gawd, it's so hard to breathe in the area where we do our spinning...I wanna push so hard, but I need some fucking oxygen to keep going. I don't know what it's going to be like in the hot summer time, we're going to die in there. So a/f that I went home and made some french toast. I'm learning to get really creative now that I have a small selection of food in my fridge. I just try to make sure that I have my veggies, my calcium, my protein, and my grains of course. I've been managing pretty well so far. I don't get as many hot yummy meals as I did with my parents, but I get what I need. So my favorite friend 'Slutty' came by later that night to visit. She smoked a joint and I went on and on a/b shit that was running a/r in my head re: the apartment, life in general. She was really stressed cause she's been spending so much time @ work lately, trying to get shit done. She's a huge worrier...she thinks that if she leaves the office she'll loose control over what's going on there. It's become her life...her boss is no better, he's a workaholic who just got over a bout of lung cancer. I think 'Slutty' is morphing into the whole stressful atmosphere cause of her boss. She wants to take care of him and she wants to get all his work done efficiently too. I think that's alot of pressure for her. I need to send her to a spa or something to get her to relax.

****************************************I just sent her an e-mail, cause if she doesn't chill out she's going to be suffering some major health problems. She gets really worked up a/b things.

Tonight, I'm going to give my aunt some high-lights. It's been a while since I've done them, but I'm confident I'll do them well. I was good @ my first try so I can't see what would make it any different now. I'm just going to do a strand test first to make sure it'll turn out the way I want it to.

Life, love and the never ending saga of existence.

Did I mention how much I love Boy-Blue...he sang me an awesome song yesterday. Kylie's been all I've been playing in my car for a while now, as I sing along. Thanks...no one's ever sung me a song b/f.

So good w/e everyone. Lots of sex and love to go a/r...