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2002-04-30, 9:41 a.m.: bring me the light, please...

It's another ridiculously disgusting day outside. I don't understand how it can be so fucking gloomy for so long, but it is...has been...will be. I think we have more shitty ass weather to come too. I'm going to go for a tan tomorrow so that I can imagine I'm in the sunlight for a whopping 10 mins...I'll pretend it's more like an hr.

I went to my acting class yesterday, and, in the dampness of the church we study in, I felt great. I'm going to get the play this w/e so that I can read the whole thing. I think everyone is kinda ahead of me as far as being familiar with the background and everything. I did the scene with my partner, but we had to improvise it. We were both not very familiar with the text so it was kinda hard...she never knew what question to ask me next, and it was up to her in the scene to carry the story forward. @ some points I just kinda started rambling off some of what I rememered that my character said, trying to spark a memeory in her and keep the scene going...otherwise we would have been up there on stage just staring @ each other. Fun still, but we really need to be more familiar with the lines.

I still haven't heard from the director of the stage group. If she doesn't call today I think I'm going to bug her ass. Not bug, but I want her to know I'm still interested in the lead.

I sweeped my apartment this morning and 'the man' took out the garbage yesterday. So, it sorta looks better than it did. I just want my curtains and the rest of my pictures up. I think we're going to rearrange the furniture again though. The space hasn't been occupied properly and it looks like it. My boy taped QAF for me yesterday, cause I've been missing it ever since Monday night class. I'm going to watch it tomorrow night!

As far as my shitty feeling goes, I think it's the whole adapting situation that makes me all fucked for the first week in a new place. I went through this shit when I was with my aunt and now I'm suffering again. I think adjustment has settled in my bones now and all I need is the weather to get better. Sun, sunlight, and warmth...all I'm waiting for now. Oh, and of course fame, and adoration, and maybe a fortune to go along with it. This I am expecting. What!? I'm being honest...