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2002-04-26, 9:16 a.m.: how I deal...

Had a dream yesterday night. It was with me and 'Pink'. I was riding this fuscia/black Harley...pulling tricks on it and shit (I don't know how I pulled that off, but I did). I got her to get on it with me and then we partied together. We were all friendly, both sitting together in this big chair. Fuck, if she's that cool in real life...I think I wanna marry her. Then another part of my dream was @ a restaurant and I was walking out of it with this woman. There was a table full of really stuck up snotty pretentious people sitting @ it, and the woman I was with went over and asked if she could have some of the chocolate eggs that were sitting in a dish to the side. A/f she took one, every stuck up piece of shit @ the table started talking shit a/b us. So I took this woman back to the dressing rooms where all these pompous poeple's stuff was (it had a shower too)and I did something to their stuff. I'm not too sure what it was I did...I may have poured something on it or even pissed on it...who knows. Wow, I had alot of different scenarios that I'm remembering right now. The other one was with this blond surfer...and we got along so well. He had a girlfriend though, and I rememeber us all sleeping together in the same bed, and he was totally paying attention to me with his arm a/r me and shit. I don't know why this didn't bother the chick in the first place, but it didn't...then all of a sudden she started accusing us of fucking a/r and she stormed out of the room freaking. I had to go and calm her down and assure her that we never did anything...which we didn't...but we were getting very close...to the point where if she wasn't there, we would've fucked for sure. They were all fun dreams as far as I can remember. The Pink dream would have to be the best though.

So the reading went really well. Apparantly I may get a lead role, which I'm very excited a/b. She hasn't decide who she wants to play 'black' or 'white' yet and of course my preference is obviously black...b/c I can relate to everything that black says in the script. It would be a huge role, but the fact that it's so familiar would make it more comforting, for my first time. Black has more lines than white does, so even if she gives me white I can deal...but I REALLY want black. I suit black much better than I suit white...and the girl whose in the running for either, also, would suit white much better than she would black. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

I got more of my apartment cleaned up yesterday too. The read didn't run as long as I thought it would, so I got to go home and set up my place some more. I have a train that runs directly behind my window and to hear it go by @ night is a very soothing sound for me...it puts me right to sleep every time.

This w/e I haev to work on my workshop routine. It's a month away and I want to have it perfect for then. I also want to get started on my performance for the recital too. I've got a hugs space in my place taht we left open, where I can practise shit. It's my little dance floor.

So it's finally fucking Friday! I can't start saying that all the time, cause b/f I know it I wont know where my time went. This life is such a catch 22 it can be depressing. It's all a/b balance...all a/b balance.