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2002-04-25, 8:44 a.m.: please just give me a ...

Went to that reading yesterady. It was way fucking better than the first one. I read this part that I really, really liked. I hope I get it!!! I played darkness and I got to say shit I would normally say. I thought it was perfect for me, although I don't consider darkness to be evil like they try to get across in the play. They attempt to show the battle b/w good and evil and how darkness is always trying to take over the light, and how hope always keeps the light going. I see them as being intertwined, w/o darkness there would be no light and w/o light there would be no darkness, you know. It's the constant swinging of the pendulum, the yin and the yang. I think good and evil are terms created by humans...cause in their most natural forms all they represent are the two extremes that exist in a world to keep it going. This could really go on forever...no pun intended there boys and girls. Anyways, tonight I've got to go back for the casting read...we'll see what I get then.

It's very rainy and shitty out today. When will the sun come out...and stay out? Did you know that Al Pacino is 62 today?? Holy fuck, he's older than I thought he was.

I'm thinking of going to my old school to get my hair cut today. My boss is out of the ofice for the morning, so I might swing down there quick...say hi to everyone and get a good cut while I'm @ it. My usual phone buddy got in shit from her boss so I can't be on the phone anymore. Sucks shit!! I hate when I have nothing to do and I can't even converse. I'll have to look for alternate ways to amuse myself here in times like that. But, believe me those times don't come up too often...just often enough to piss me off in a case like this.

Will someone please just give me a blanket!!!! Or a fucking sling-shot!! These birds are chirping their damn heads off in here and it's driving me bonkers right now. Why can't they just shut the fuck up?! B/c they're birds...and there are nine of them. Aaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!