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2002-04-24, 9:03 a.m.: am I a dumb ass or what...

So I set-up the phone and cable. By Friday I'll have everything up and running...well, I wont but the technicians will. We've been watching movies and shit so far when we have a chance, and I say that lightly b/c I really don't have time to sit down and watch t.v. Even when I do, I'm constantly loooking a/r for ideas of colors and places where I can put the rest of my stuff. It's pretty obsessive...it's scary. I finsihed my taxes yesterday too and then smoked a bit of a joint. I haven't smoked for so long now that I took one pull and I was high...I started talking shit a/b curtains and decorating, again. Slutty brought one over to chrisen the place and chrisen we did...not only with a joint, but with some sweet sex later on. No, not me and Slutty...me and my boi. 'Slutty' is my best-friend, it's my new nick-name for her. She's a little slut, but she's a great girl and a good friend.

Earlier in the evning I went to the gym. Ahhh, stupid dumb ass I am...listen to this shit. When the director from the theatre group called me back a/b the parts in the show, I was going through a dilema in my head where I was starting to doubt the whole scheduling of the situation. I was getting angry cause I wouldn't be able to go to the gym as much as usual. So when I'm on the phone with her, I go, 'Well, you know...it's okay if I don't get a part in this run' (the show will be on in June). Duhhhh, even if I don't get a part I put my name down for an under-study which means I'll have to be @ rehearsals anyways. So this means that tonight when I go for the second read...I've gotta do it fucking amazingly awesome, cause if I'm going to be @ rehearsals anyways I want a part. I know I'm a tad obsessive over the gym, but I really need the rush of adrenaline and endorphins to keep my head running smoothly. I was designed for vigorous physical activity...it relieves me. It's my drug...and a great one @ that. I'd take it over anything synthetic any day...the high lasts longer and you never have to deal with the come down. In actual fact it helps you deal with any come down that life decides to throw @ you. I highly recommend it!!

Hey, I had my delicious sausage yesterday. Talk a/b an orgasm of the taste buds...yum, yum, yum.

I'll let you know how the read goes tonight, of course.


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