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2002-04-23, 9:32 a.m.: coming together...

Another day @ the new place. I've picked out my color schemes for the rooms. I based it on the art of 'Feng Shui'...you know, the idea of balancing yin and yang in an environment to stimulate the best potential in everything you do. Some may say it's a bunch of shit, but I thoroughly believe it...it's common sense really. So I decided to go with purple, black and gold for the bedroom. I have this huge black velvet comforter lined in gold rope, so I need purple bed sheets (maybe with some black and gold in them) to finish off the bed. Purple is said to be associated with motivation and spirituality...it's an extrememly positive color. I'm a complete and total fire element so this purple will balance me and allow me a good rest while keeping my spirits up. Black is said to be a great color for new beginnings...and I just love black. The gold, which would be yellow, is said to stimulate the intellect and is associated with intelligence and enlightenment.

The living room I want to finish in oranges, reds, yellows, browns, and blacks. With my animal print curtains and pillows it'll look amazing! And I want lots of plants...big cascading plants and then beautiful bright flowers too. I've already spread out all my candles all over the place. I have so many left I need more room to put them. I got all my shoes out of the boxes yesterday and filled up my closet. Bit by bit it's coming together.

Acting yesterday was alright. I did the scene in character and totally fucked her up. I didn't have any time to read over my lines or even get the play to read through it, so I was totally oblivious to her character and I just barely skimmed the surface with her. I don't want to watch the movie b/c I don't want it to cloud the way I protray 'Cherie'. I'll buy it a/f the scene study class is done and keep it as a memento of the first scene given to me. Oh, I also have to practise in the shoes...to give me more of a feel of how she carries herself. Heels give you a much different posture than platform boots do.

I was freaking out last night on my way back from class. I thought I had forgotten my agenda book there, and I keep practically my whole life in that book...well yeah, my whole life in writng. I was very fucking relieved when I got home and found it sitting on my coffee table...safe and sound.

I think where I'm really going to feel this whole living arrangement is in my food. I wont be eating the yummy delicious Italian meals my aunt would cook me. I guess eventually when I'm settled I'll be able to buy my usuals and cook up sausage and meats, yummy styles, like I'm use to having them...if I can afford it that is. I've still got alot to pick up from my parents place...like my 'George Foreman' 5-man grill. I bought that a/b 2 years ago (for when I moved out).

I've decided that anything extra that I can't use a/r the apartment I'm going to bring back to my parents palce and leave it in my room. There is no point in me keeping all that shit @ my place to clutter the already small living area. In my old room, nobody will be living there so it's perfect.

Tonight it's back to my gym schedule...and then taxes. Fucking taxes, how disgusting...doesn't that word sound fucked up too. Anyways it's something that I have to do.

Also it's been a/b 2 weeks since I've had a good fuck...so I'll definately be getting right on that too...fuck!