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2002-04-22, 9:47 a.m.: looking good, looking good...

Do you even know how fucking exhausted I was on the w/e?! No...probably not. Well, I'm all moved into MY new place. I love being able to move a/r with nobody to bother me or get in my way. The first night there I didn't sleep very well. The whole adapting to a new place hadn't settled yet. Every time I opened my eyes and looked out the window I saw this view that was so unfamiliar it made me get up and stare.

I was sleeping beside my boy, pissed, b/c he had left me a/f all the big shit was done to watch a hockey game. I was invited, but I wanted to finish bringing most of my shit over, so I continued to load and unload. He made up for it the Sunday when he hung all my pictures up for me, and did the grocery shopping. It's starting to look finished, just some more emptying of boxes and then cleaning up.

I had vocal yesterday a/f my 24 hr work w/e...and I was so fucking wired, tired but wired. So we did a new song. I worked on 'Don't Let Me Get Me' by Pink...it was the best I ever sounded. Partly b/c I love the song and Pink, and partly (and mostly in my mind) b/c we have the same vocal range. So I left there feeling very excited and accomplished. I love to sing...it's fucking amazing when I let the sound out and immediately I feel goose bumps and chills all over my body.

Oh...driving to work is awesome. I'm in the total opposite direction of traffic. No more morning stress, baby!!! If there's one thing that can constantly piss me off it's slow ass drivers. Or stupid drivers...you know, the type that really shouldn't have gotten their license in the first place. So aside from the lack of funds I have right now...things are looking good...and I'm feeling great.