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2002-04-19, 8:54 a.m.: I'm moving...

Tomorrow I am moving into my new place. We got it earlier than expected b/c it's all ready...painted and re-tiled. I just hope everything works out o.k. I'm not going to think too much a/b it, cause I'll wait till tomorrow. I still want to make it to the gym in the morning so I hope the guys can do w/o my help. Not like I'd be much help with any of the big things anyways. Tonight I'm going to pack up all my shit from my old room...things that I would want to decorate with. Am I excited?? Yes.

Tonight I was suppose to go out with my friend for her b-day to Pope's (gay bar). I would have had fun, but I've got to get my shit all ready. I'm going to forgo the dance party show too. Once I'm all settled then I can get back to my usual routines.

It's very sticking out today. Not very nice. Remember, I hate humidity. So I guess I'll be all moved in b/f 'S' gets back from her trip. She was going to help out but now she can just come over. She'll be back on Sunday.

I don't have much to write today...I'm preoccupied and preparing for the move, so you know. Have a good w/e!!

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Which Classic Book Are You?

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