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2002-04-18, 9:02 a.m.: Marilyn...

Another scortcher!!! Love it, love it, love it. I went and did the script reading for that toupe. They're putting on a show in June. Most of the current cast was fairly snotty though. I understand that a kind of territorialism will apply to anywhere where new people come into the picture, but come the fuck on. It turned out alright...the readings that is. A/f every reading the director asked what everyone thought of the play and they had some bad shit to say a/b almost every one of them. The one I read was the shitiest...of course...not the reading, but the content was very long and drawn out, although I had a great vision for the set-up and costumes for it. It was a dark comedy and not everyone is into dark comedy, but I think I could have made it appealing with the use of set, make-up, and costume...some dialogue too, maybe a little shorter lines. @ least in my head it was pretty good. Whatever. I had fun...and it was a great experience. If I don't get a part I still want to work back-stage to get an idea of the whole vibe of the group.

I may get to move into my place this w/e. If I can get everything together, then by Saturday I'll be staying in my own place. Only thing is I never took into account food for the time, and I may have to starve for a while...oopps.

I've got to put together my routine for the workshop I'm doing with the voice coach. I have to have the outline by Sunday. I don't really think she's got this whole thing planned out very well. It's by the luck of the universe that she will pull this off w/o consulting thoroughly with her 'team'...cause that's what it is you know, we are a fucking team.

I kinda of do hope I get in this w/e cause then I have my space to work in, but then it will take away time from my current work and I'll have to re-arrange my schedule...I don't know which is better yet.

I had a really good sleep yesterday. I opened the window and only needed one sheet. The breeze was amazingly calming and it tore all the humidity away from me. I hate humidity you know.

I'm kinda going through this slight transformation for the part I was given this week in scene study. I got the part of Cherie from 'Bus Stop'. I have never seen the play or the movie and my teacher said she tried to match up the characters to our own character. A/f I got the part I found out that Marilyn Monroe played Cherie in the movie. So not only am I starting to look @ myself in a sort of different light but I'm feeling a bit different to. Funny I never looked @ myself in that way, but then I guess we never do. I still think though that I'm a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy...which I love, cause I can kinda move back and forth in and out of them, you know. So @ this point in time I'm embracing my feminine side..short skirts, high sandals...this is so fun. I think in winter my masculine side comes out, and then in summer my femine side emerges. I really do believe this. So, Cherie is a night club singer who is running away form her past in the hopes that the stage will give her everything she wants and needs. She had to quit school early to take care of her whole family. Fuck, sound like me...uh huh. I want to read the play and rent the movie so that I get a good idea of the story. I should do that this w/e too.