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2002-04-11, 9:01 a.m.: warm me baby...

I had my last acting class yesterday. We got to work on some actual scenes and it was alot easier connecting with the dialogue a/f learning all those techniques. We did this one exercise where we had to pick an object and sell it to the audience speaking in gibberish. I was the guinea pig and I got up there and tried to sell this phone speaking some fucked up shit. I had everyone laughing, including myself, but my objective was to describe (clearly) the features this phone had in order to make a sale. I really didn't have much time to think it out enough and so I ended up just winging the features. It made such a difference when I knew what I was trying to relay as opposed to me just gibbering away and not really being sure as to what I was trying to get out. Moral of the story, be clear as to what you are trying to say, whether you're speaking gibberish or any other fucking language...cause if you don't know, nobody else will.

Next week I'm starting Part 2 with her. It's a straight scene study class and I'm looking forward to it. I'm also going to go to the script reading for that theatre group...by then I'll have some cold reading background and I'll feel more confident in how I can work with the reading.

So tonight I'm going to go to the gym and then go for a tan. I don't tan very much (artificially) but the feeling of the heat on your body is something I can never get tired of. I got 100 free mins from my sister so that should do me through the summer. I think I even have some time left @ another place I use to go to...I can use that too. I tan pretty easily, so even a/f one 10 min session my color deepens. I've got an olive complexion...I don't know why they call it 'olive', it doesn't resemble any kind of olive I've ever seen.

I had this terrible dream yesterday. I wont even dare repeat it b/c it was so horrible and gruesome that I'll probably vomit just recaping it. I have no clue where this came from @ all...it was so terrible. Actually now that I think a/b it, I read a story similar to the case in the paper. It's just fucked up to dream of something that is so awful. You really don't know what lurks in the dark depths of your psyche until they pop up in some wacked out dream or flash in your mind...freaky shit. It's one of those things that you have to shake out of your head when it pops up and you're conscious.

On a positive side, the weather is getting beautiful over here in my neck of the woods. I get so excited just thinking a/b the warm weather coming. I may be a winter baby, but I am not designed for that kind of weather @ all. I'm designed for the heat, the warmth, the fire...you know. I can go to Arizona eventually...with the snakes and the scorpions and dry heat...very plausible.