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2002-04-12, 8:54 a.m.: a trip @ the tanning salon...

So a Diaryland get-together in Toronto. That's a pretty big undertaking. If it gets pulled off well...I'll be very impressed. Toronto IS one of the greatest cities a/r to be visiting, I must say.

So I went for my 'tan' yesterday. Like I said, I have 100 free mins to use. Now the owner was there yesterday, and I knew by looking @ him that that's who he was. A big fat guy with a fake looking tan...gotta be the owner. So everyone was backed up and I had to wait, which was no problem. When there was finally a free bed, I asked him to sign off the card I had. Normally this wouldn't be a difficult task, but for some reason the energy exerted in holding a pen was a little too much for this guy to handle yesterday. He proceeded to ask why I was getting him to sign the card...and I proceed to tell him that I wanted to keep trrack of my hours. Then I spit out the reason he knew all along, and what he was geting @ in his questioning. I told him I wanted to make sure I didn't get ripped off. Bad choice of words I guess...buddy got defensive on me and then started trying to attack me telling me that it was very 'gutsy of me to be keeping track when I already have 100 FREE mins'. I basically told him that I didn't trust him and why should I. It's not like I was sitting in a church waiting for a tan, and even then I can't trust anyone. Who the fuck is this guy anyways. I mean, I AM a customer just like any other paying customer and I shouldn't be treated any differently. Fucker!! I'm going to go in and use all my mins now, for sure...and I'm going to get my little card signed each and every time I'm in there. He should really learn how to treat people, and this guy is suppose to be a fucking business man. In the end he told me that maybe I should go tan where I trust the staff. Well, that would be nowhere...and why the fuck would I do that when I have 100 free mins already? Dumb ass goes and proves my fucking point.

I went back to my aunts, she was out so I got the place all to myself. It's nice to have quiet private time. I needed her computer but she's got a password for it and I couldn't get in. So I did my nails and then watched the movie 'Don't Say a Word" with Michael Douglas. I would fuck that man until he couldn't speak properly anymore!! The chick in the movie is pretty hot too. I don't know her name but she's a real cutie...great actress. She really ripped off Angelina Jolie's crazy girl act (and look) from 'Girl, Interupted' though.

Tonight I'm back @ the dance show. I've missed some weeks. Everytime I go back a/f a short hiatus the vibe has always changed. Only a select few people remain the same...which is just sad really. Most get all cliquey and bitchy. I just wanna dance and be on t.v.