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2002-04-05, 9:35 a.m.: in need...

To my Boy-Blue...I'm sad b/c I can't sign your guestbook b/c it's all fucked up and I can't 'send' you my message. Someone must be fucking with your codes. You'd better check it out cause your many friends will be very upset that they can't speak to you...I know I am.

I took my car in this morning to get serviced. Damn mechanics try to fucking sell you everything. You wouldn't believe how many things they've 'found' that needs to be fixed on that car. It's only 3 yrs old...I can't imagine that this is all neccessary. Right now I am strapped for cash and I've really got to ration properly. I drive a fucking acura for fuck sakes...they never break down and these guys are telling me that I should get this, this, and this done on her. My girl keeps up just fine...she's been good to me. I abuse her a bit, but she knows that that's what you get sometimes when you deal with me...and she likes it. A/f the service, I'm going to take her to get a good cleaning...inside and out.

Someone told me yesterday that I was as fresh as a daisy. What kind of shit is that. I said no I'm as fresh as a lily...NOT a daisy..a tiger lily to be really precise.

I kicked ass @ the gym yesterday. It was me and 3 guys doing the class...and we know what happens when you put me with guys in a competitive situation. Well, yes I kinda made it into a competitive situation. I've gotta go as fast or faster and I did. I don't know why I feel the need to challenge men so much...probably cause of my father. @ the same time men are very comforting to me...it can turn into a difficult situation, as usual. Either way I'm loving the feeling of leaving the gym all pumped again.

Tonight I'm going to fuck the shit out of my boy-toy...it's been a/b 2 wks that I've had real sexual contact with another. I'm in need right now.