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2002-04-04, 9:19 a.m.: for being such a good girl...

New performing news! There's a performance of Evita coming up and auditions are being held in June. I'm going to go for it...for sure. A friend of mine from class told me a/b it and she's going to audition too. It's a great story and I have personal connections to both the movie and Argentina. Evita b/c Madonna played her in the latest movie rendition of her life story, and Argentina b/c one of the men from my family (down the line) was actually president of Argentina.

We've got 2 of the head honchos coming over today for lunch. While I don't feel the direct need to converse and talk to them...I will enjoy the lunch.

My bitch has been visiting me since Tuesday and she's really getting on my nerves. The only type of fluid I enjoy flowing from between my legs is...well, I think you know what it is.

Work has officially started and I'm still here all alone. It's been deader than dead the past month and it will probably continue like this for a while. There have been alot of changes going on in this industry and it's been strict competion for everyone. The clients have pretty much all dissapeared for now...but, of course the way things go here they'll all be back sooner than they think. I've worked here for two years now and I credit myself with the understanding of what makes this company so great in comparison to others. It's something I will definately take with me and apply to other areas of my life. It's just good shit to know. I'm interested in the ins and outs of things, what makes something work as opposed to what doesn't...and shit like that.

Have you heard the new Skakira song? She is beautiful! I was in love with her with that red hair she use to sport. The blond looks great on her too. Yes, I want her.