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2002-04-02, 8:54 a.m.: I think I'm still delirious...

Holy fuck! I have been deathly sick ever since I left you with my last entry. My body just broke down Thursday night and I was aching in pain until Sunday. Finally today my head cold is almost gone and I can be excited @ the fact that I can return to myself once again. I think I was still slightly delirious yesterday...and truthfully can't even hardly remember what I did. We didn't end up going partying this w/e b/c I was so sick. Normally I would have dragged my ass out and then popped a pill that would have taken care of my achy body, but I wanted to survive this week and so I opted against it. We decided to do it this coming w/e. I forgot that I have a wedding to go to too...so I figure I'll go to the wedding, eat, and then leave @ a/r 11 to go to the club. Hopefully this will work out perfectly. I may have to bring a change of clothes to the wedding. I'll be wearing this gold dress I have. It's short and really form fitting...and it's fucking itchy as hell. Maybe I'll throw on a pair of pants under it and wear it as my top for the club. I'm sure I can add some funky accesories to make it look like an outfit. I just want to have a great time. I want to dance my frustrations away. I really need this right now. You know it's funny, while I was sick I was so weak and my body hurt so much but I kept fidgeting my foot and my leg...bouncing it a/r all the time. I still wanted to move even when I couldn't.

We did Easter @ my parents place and it went well. Everyone actually got along, which hardly ever happens @ my parents house. Maybe I did have something to do with the arguments. I was much calmer there too...well, I was sick.

Okay, I now have 9 damn budgies in the cage that sits @ the enterance of the office. They are all chirping so annoyingly (is that a word? it is now) that I think I may have to go and let them go outside soon. I'm not too sure that they'd survive out there but they are definately not going to survive in here if they keep this shit up. I got use to the sound of them b/f...but that was when there were only 3. We'll see...we'll see.