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2002-03-27, 8:44 a.m.: just another day...

Early. I've been coming in early every morning. I get here a/r 8:30 to set up and get everything ready...then for 9 we open. Today I'm finished and I have a/b 10 mins to spare. I get paid for the extra 1/2 hr so it's worth coming in. What the fuck would I do @ my aunts anyways...if I'm ready @ 8 I might as well get here for the extra $$. I know I'm going to need it. We've been really slow here @ work lately. I don't do actual selling, but when they don't sell here I don't work cause they have nothing for me to get done for them. I do get more human interaction tahn the others considering I'm here @ the front and I have to greet everyone. When people come in to pay bills I take the payments...so really I'm getting the most excitment a/r here, if you want to call it that.

I'm dying for coffee. My throat feels so dry and I need to wet it with something...preferably coffee...for now.

So our snow storm wasn't that bad. It's warmed up today so the 10 cm that fell yesterday will be melted by tonight, for sure. Fucked up weather!! I love chaos, but I do believe there should be structure to that choas...which I'm sure there is. Everything happens for a reason.

Have you seen those sphynxe cats. I fucking adore cats (of all kind) but these ones are not very appealing to me. I don't like how they look like they've been skinned...although the more I look @ them the cuter they get. Still, they're apparently a mutated species born in 1963. There's some info for ya for today. This is the cat from the 'Austin Powers' movies. Quite the nasty lookin little things. I bet they scare the fuck out of other cats. haha They say they're very friendly and personable in comparisson to other cats. Figures.