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2002-03-26, 8:55 a.m.: I feel like shitty shit....

On the request of my beautiful blue eyed friend I'm going to write myself an entry today. I haven't really been in the mood...I've come down with a bit of a cold. Our weather is fucking going crazy here. One day it's warm like summer is right a/r the corner, and then BAM...it's fucking freezing rain outside. I'm not impressed. The fact that my aunt keeps her house as cold as a freezer doesn't help either...I feel like Linda Blair from the 'Exorcist'!! I have to wear two sweaters, and I'm still fucking cold.

Everything has been looking dreary as fuck with this bull shit weather. Oh shit!! Today is S's birthday. I have to call her to wish her a great birthday. We're going to go out this Saturday for her...clubbing. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by then.

So my new place...there's not much to tell. I gave my first month on Friday. The last Saturday in April I'm going to move my shit in there. So far I don't really have much, but I'm accepting hand-outs. I'm just really looking forward to this new beginning. I'm a very independant person, and I need my own space. This will be the best thing for me.

Fuck, I'm really in no mood to be writing this. It's taking extra energy that I don't really want to exert right now. I have no desire to eat, to talk, to smile, to move a/r...this is so unlike me. I just wan tot rest up so I can get back to my normal self. I did manage to watch QAF yesterday...thank you universe. When I got back to my aunts place she had for me a shot of Brandy waiting in the microwave. I heated iit up and then downed it...it burnt the shit right out of my throat, but it put me to sleep like a baby. It was suppose to be a remedy for my cold, and mybe it worked slightly. I think I'll do another hot shot tonight too.

On a closing note I want to thank OZ for teaching me this shit!!!

I just went back and checked it and it DIDN'T WORK AGAIN!!! What am I doing wrong here?!?! CLG aka CAT XXX