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2002-03-21, 9:05 a.m.: I got it...

Hahahaahahaha...I was accepted!!! Thank the fucking universe!!! I found out yesterady a/r 3:30 and I was so excietd I couldn't stop jumping a/r here. I was running on that pure happy high. Now that that has been settled, I just have money management to take care of.

Apparently it's suppose to snow today. We're to get a/b 5 cm...which sucks shit as far as I'm concerned. First day of spring was yesterday...WTF!?!

Back to my new place. I really want to get an animal. I know it will be more money to spend and that's actually what's holding me back. As far as animals go I would LOVE to have a Doberman...but, that's highly an unlikely animal I would want to cage up in an apartment. A cat would be great....again though it might be costly. I think I might be getting a snake in there if I don't get the cat...we'll see, we'll see.

I haven't told my parents yet that I've found a place. I'm going to wait till Sunday and tell them both together. I'm very fucking excited...finally!! I know I'm in for a ride, but I'm looking forward to it!!