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2002-03-20, 8:49 a.m.: keeping my fingers crossed...

I just found out that Destiny's Child broke up. Was this a hush hush thing, cause apparently it was announced several weeks ago. Bad decision...I think, on all their parts. They had lots more to do and lots more time as a threesome. As solo artists...I forsee not a very good response.

This morning I banged my nuckles on the door and scraped some skin off them. I'm always doing dumb shit like that...misjudging doors and banging into them. Most of the time I laugh hysterically cause it's a funny sight to replay in my head, but this morning it fucking hurt!

So, I dropped off my application yesterday for the apartment.I should find out today if I've been accepted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed XXX. Then it all goes from there.

I'm feeling better from all the shit that went on a couple days ago. It gets easier and easier to deal with the emotional strife. I think it stems from the fact that I'm trusting my judgement in regards to wacked out cracked up people who have no sense of rational thought process. Once I can survive and get over the heartache that my family causes me, then I can pretty much survive anything.

Hey did you hear what 'Labatt's' is doing with their beer. For 25.95 you can custom make your case of beer. You can get a pic (of your choice) put on every beer in the case and get it courriered to your home. I think that's pretty damn fucking awesome if you ask me, although I don't see myself doing this. No nudity or sexually explicit material of course...which kinda just ruins it.