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2002-03-18, 9:55 a.m.: found it...

I found a place...I found a place!! Just gotta fill out the application and get a letter of employment...then I'm set. Unless something pops up to screw me, of course...and I'm not talking dick here!

I had a wicked sleep yesterday night. My aunt keeps her heat WAY down, so I bundled up warm with sweaters and shit. I was so warm and cozy that I didn't even want to get up. When I did, I ran down stairs and took a boiling hot shower...beautiful.

I can't wait till I cna do this and not worry a/b having anyone a/r me that I've got to step over, or tip toe a/r.

QAF tonight, and my QAF buddy has not returned from her business trip yet. She's suppose to be getting in today and I hope, hope, hope she gets in in time so that I can go over to her place to watch it. If not I may have to wait till 2am so that I can watch it wil my other QAF buddy...she doesn't get home till 1am, so she's watches the rerun episode 4hrs later. Either way I must see it!!

Tonight a/f work I'm suppose to go check out another place, but I don't think it can top the one I just saw this weekend...we'll see. Then it's the gym like usual and down time with a nice dinner. Yummy...