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2002-03-15, 9:03 a.m.: spring is in the air...

Tonight...home hunting. Tomorrow...more home hunting. I just wanna find a place so that I can get out of my aunts place and call my own space 'my own'. I appreciate what she's doing for me, but it's way too much contact with my family. My family is a huge stress factor for me and being a/r any of them just draws me into their web of drama. A place where I fucking HATE to be.

I had a vocal lesson yesterday...one I attempted to cancel cause I just wanted to relax. The head instructor made me drag my ass over there and I'm glad she did. Sometimes you need that little push. She was very impressed with how I sounded yesterday...even being stressed...which is a really good sign. She and her staff decided they would hold more performance parties with seminars and dinners. A place where record execs can come and look @ the talent she's developing. She asked me if I would run the dance seminar for her. It would be an hour long and I would put together a routine that I could teach the participants and then everyone would perform it. This will be great for exposure!! I said yes. I'd end up being really busy...cause I'd have to put the routine together, then another one for myself to perform, and then practise my song as well...but it would be so much fun and it'll be another step to getting where I want to go.

I talked to a friend of mine yesterday and I mentioned the shooter girl job for a strip club idea. She works @ a bar right now, but it's really been dying down with customers, b/c of our 'no smoking in bars' law. So she said she'd apply 'with' me if I do. Which would be great b/c then we'd have a little piece of mind, knowing that we'd be together...coming and going.

I've been extremely wired on coffee lately...or just extremely wired. I guess all of this instability keeps me going. I'm suppose to be going to the t.v. show tonight, but I may bail for the night...I've got so much shit to do.

The weather's really been getting nice here. I smell spring every morning now...which is such a good feeling. I hope it stays like this.