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2002-03-14, 9:20 a.m.: poetry between goddess'...

A great friend of mine wrote a poem for me. Around the same time I wrote one for her as well. To honor her, and our friendship, I'm going to write both of our poems here today...cause I feel like it...

Poised like a goddess

She walks the world like a stage

A trail of diamonds left in her wake

Encompassed by a cat-like grace

She moves with a swing in her hips

And a kiss upon her mouth

She dances like the rain falls

Natural yet phenomenal

The earth sighs...

Enchanted by her beauty

The heavens bow to her rhythm

An endless song of

Sex, integrity, honesty, liberty and kindness

Forged into the heart of one body

Stars fall when she moves

Reaching down to touch her

Her soul shines

As though emblazoned with glitter

Her heart

Made of the richest, softest treasures

Wraps around me

Like a sheath of warm hugs and kisses

Her words

Like drops of honey

Soothe me, captivate me, and inspire me

I see inside of her what others may misunderstand

And I understand

For we are connected by something unseen yet always felt

She is the sweetest sugar

The comfort of gray

The kindness of children

The wisdom of age

Combined...like an angel

An angel who rushed into my life

With forces of this earth's will

And now

Is poised atop my heart like a goddess

I want to have her heart there always

My friend, my affinity, my fellow goddess

I love you


Where do you find the words?

They are thrown from the centre of the universe.

Up and into the depths of your soul

Where they rise through you

Into that mind...that perfect mind

Scarred with difficulty and torn with turmoil

A most beautiful piece of work

Begun with one and created with many

But individual and unique you stand

Above all loyal...

To yourself first and foremost

Dignity radiates through you

Through words I can see into that place,

In which many may see darkness

But I...I see light

In myself I can understand

The lonliness will subside

With the unity and love created here

The love that is merged and explodes into so many

Stars that fall onto and into

Everything and everyone...

For beauty is born of this union

Though it may begin torn

Love will mend this

And make it perfect once again

Because it is all a/b love

Though they may tell you

To think with your head

It is you heart that will guide you


To true happiness

C this is my poem for you. I wrote it a/f reading one of your entries and I have this feeling that it was written a/r the same time you wrote the one for me. We have some similar imagery involved in them both...hope you like it.