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2002-03-12, 9:12 a.m.: tensions gone again...

No, no, no and no! Everything I saw yesterday was too much money to be spending on a 1 bedroom. I was getting stressed and then I went to the gym, where all my tension was released into the spin bike. I was exhausted and so, as I pushed myself on that damn bike, it got to the point where I thought I was going to vomit. She kept getting us to do these high impact exercises with little time to take deep breaths. When I work out hard I tend to breathe very shallow. I know I should take deep breaths that go into you're lower abdomen, but when you're pushing hard you forget how to breathe properly.

One of the girls that works @ the gym let me know that her building (which is right in the area) has 1 bedrooms for really good prices. I decided to go check them out tomorrow. Down the street is a strip joint, so if I'm ever in need of some extra cash...noooo, I'm not going to strip! I could get a weekend job as a shooter girl there. Fuck, I'd just walk in with my stilettos and a short skirt on, and I'd get hired on the spot. I could watch hot girlies by night while teasing horny men. I think it would be pretty amusing.

I'm feeling energized again today. This morning I took a 1/2 hr shower in hot- hot water. I love being in the shower when the waters that warm. It's so relaxing...perfect way to start out the day. A good fuck would have topped it off.


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