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2002-03-11, 9:13 a.m.: Monday morning...

Today I'm going to look @ 4 places. They're all pretty much in the same area and they're all going for a/b the same price monthly. As of now I've moved into my aunts place. Here I have my own room and I can bring all my shit inside and not have to worry a/b leaving it in the car.

The temperature dropped down this weekend and we got a huge wind storm. Wasn't as bad as in some places, but we got it rough and cold enough. SPeaking of rough I had some fucking amazing sex this weekend too. I was talking to a friend of mine on Friday who gave me his theory on how he thinks men were designed to please women...his theory comes from the fact that women tend to have an abundance of energy that needs to be satisfied. I couldn't argue with him there. I've been classified as a 'maniac', who has an over abundance of energy that needs to be satisfied sexually or otherwise in some other form. I need to release my energy somehow. Actually the only thing I'll have to add is that I think both women and men were designed to satisfy my needs. I want and need both.

Okay so my dilemna tonight is that my aunt doesn't get QAF. I'll have to make arranegments every Monday night now to watch it @ somebody's place. I will not miss my show!

When I got to work this morning I noticed taht out fridge had been unplugged. I had all my food in there. Some of it went bad, and some of it I have yet to see if it did. I hope not cause I had some good shit in there.