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2002-03-08, 9:36 a.m.: got a ticket and no pimp 'n ho...

I got a ticket yesterday night for being parked on the street. If I keep getting these damn things it'll cost me 100 per week just to park there. A friend of mine told me she has a 1 bedrrom place that she's leaving May 1st. I'm going to go check it out, but I still want to look a/r for other places too. Tomorrow is going to be my apartment shoppping day. I'm going to go all over the city to look for places convienient and close. So as of now I will be settled (almost) by May 1st in my new place.

I went out to the karaoke bar with my newly aquired house mates. I saw an old friend of mine from high school who I sorta had a crush on. This was b/f she came out to everyone. I remember having a b-day party and telling A (whom I"m staying with now) to dare me to kiss her when we played 'Truth or Dare'. Well, she never showed up and so I had to settle on faking an orgasm with a broom stick. I would've much rather kissed her. When we see each other there's always this sexual tension thing going on. I'm very touchy with her b/c I'm comfortable a/r her...but when we get out onto the dance floor we're like miles away from each other. Her girlfriend was there with her, but that shouldn't have made a difference. It's funny...funny and strange to me. I'm very attracted to both boys and girls who are either very masculine or very feminine. I just kept running it over in my head thinking...shit I'm greedy. I think b/c I am such a complete balance of the two I have no preference over who I need most. So, I need both the same. That's how I ratioanlize it...and it may need no rationalizing @ all, but I like to look @ why things are the way they are, etc, etc. Who better to start looking @ than myself. I'd better figure me out completely in this world. I may be a free spirit, but I want to make sure I'm a fierce spirit.

Okay so wish me luck place hunting. Tonight I've gotta dance on the t.v. show and then I'll probbaly rest up for tomorrow. I was suppose to go to a 'pimp 'n ho' party. You go in couples and dress up...would've been fun, but I think this is more important. Plus, I probblay would gotten all drunk and made a complete whore out of myself just to stay in character...my date would have been a little jealous...or really fucking horny...probably both. The two go really well together.