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2002-03-07, 9:02 a.m.: finally a good sleep...

Feeling very well rested today. I went to my acting class and then stayed up talking with my friend till 1 in the morning. When I fell asleep, I fell right asleep and slept so peacefully until she woke me this morning @ 730. I think I've found my 'great sleep' pattern.

My acting coach said I reminded her of a little Mae West yesterday. I was kinda all fucked as far as emotions went, so I used it and ended up displaying a/b 4 different moods and personalities through different exercises we did. I felt good using my emotions to fuel my performance...it was a great release. Once again, a/f my class I was so energized. Apparently I have this habit of moving my mouth all the time. She told me that I really need to conquer that habit b/c in television or film it would look awful and my charcters would fail to become distinct b/c of it. So, it takes 21 days to break a habit...I've really gotta concentrate on it.

Tonight I'm going to go to karaoke a/f I get everything done. Should be fun. Oh and thank-the-fucking-lord I get paid today. I've been broke for a week, and I'll pretty much be broke again, but @ least I'll have the funds to do certain things that NEED to be done.