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2002-02-18, 9:15 a.m.: if it's not there it's here, if it's not here it's there...

It is Monday morning here and I'm trying to set up my schedule for the week. Un-fucking-fortunately I have to get stuck in a power struggle with my co-worker. I can't just be left alone to do my thing w/o someone jumping in and trying to steal away my morning. I know, I know, it's ridiculous and petty to be discussing this, but I just had to give you a feel for how my morning has begun. Over bull-shit too! Bottom line here should be...don't bother me when I'm trying to do something!

I've gotten use to my coffee with my low dose of sugar. It's started to taste the same as b/f.

I've got alot of rehearsing to do this week. I have to put together my performance. I just pray that I don't come down with the flu that everyone else has. I'm the last in line who hasn't gotten it...@ least not fully. I think I had a touch of it last week, but it hasn't put me out yet.

I did my dance show on Friday. When I watch myself on t.v. I look so small compared to everyone else. I don't see myself as that tiny in my head, but on t.v. when I compare my self I'm fucking small!! I think I'm going to have to start wearing my high boots and short skirts and shit. Otherwise I look like a little kid in comparison. There was this girl there who I haven't seen b/f, but she's a former dancer...I was in love with her! She made me so hyper and she was an awesome dancer too. I was tired on my way there and dreading it (sort of). I cancelled on my friend re: the club a/f b/c I knew I'd be exhausted. She ended up leaving early cause she was tired too. B/f I went I drank a tea with this 'chlorella' shit in it. It's suppose to give you energy...it's an herbal thing. I didn't realize how it worked, but it kept me dancing, with high energy, non stop. Very good, very good...

I have to go pick up some shit today that I ordered for my aunt. I'll have to find a minute or two to run down the street for it. I have NO money right now in any of my accounts...which is pretty pathetic. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it really pisses me off. My finances should be in order, you know. Well, they will be, again, soon.

Tonight is QAF...I can't wait! It's the only thing that makes me long for Mondays.