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2002-02-15, 9:48 a.m.: dancing and Tiger Lillies...

Well, not much sleep yesterday. I went out dancing with my girlfriend for V-Day. we fucking danced our asses off...from when there was nobody on the dance floor, to being full of people, back to being empty again. When the last of the slime balls where eyeing us like meat and trying all these lame ass pick up lines on us...we decided to leave. Talk a/b ruining the energy, when you've got some fuck up spitting such crap in your face...continously. The fucking dj was spinning some great shit yesterday. A/f the club we tried to get something to eat @ this 24hr Vietnamese place. S couldn't eat @ all...the effecs of the e we dropped earlier was still kicking. I, on the other hand, must have danced the wretched shit right out of me, cause I could eat and I was getting tired. It hit me faster than it hit her though, so that may have had something to do with it.

Tonight I'm going dancing again...first for t.v...then to the club. I brought this protein mix shit with me so I can stock up on it @ night.

To the girl who was so thoughtful and sent me the Tiger Lillies-thank you. You made my day...and I love you too.