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2002-02-08, 9:24 a.m.: not a good start, but still on it's way to great...

My day has not started out well. My father is a complete fucking asshole. I choose not to go into this b/c it's bothered me enough already...poof...out of mind.

On a better note...my morning talk with my co-worker always brightens my spirits...usually.

I managed to go another night w/o waking up in a panic. This is looking very good. A good nights sleep is a neccessity for me. I need to recover from the days bull-shit happenings...build back up my resistance and immunity and shit.

I picked up some clothes I brought to my seamstress. This lady rocks...she fucking did an awesome job on all my pants. I had a/b 3 pairs that fit perfectly in the legs, but @ the waist were a disaster. They were fucking huge...I mean, who do they make these pants for! Anyways, she took the waists in and they fit marvelously now. I am very impressed with this woman's work...you can't even tell they've been touched. She charged a very good price too...added only a/b 5 to each pair, which was well worth it.

I have to prepare a speech for this party being held on Saturday for my Grandmother. She turned 80 this year. I don't speak Italian well, so my fuck ass father will have to translate what I am saying. I didn't think it would go over well if everyone else can understand what I'm saying to her except for her..call me crazy, but I thought this would be a better way to do it. I wrote it and it's short, sweet, and to the point. She is an angel, right here on earth with us, and we are all blessed to know her. She may carry the same traits as the rest of us...that obsessive, paranoid, compulssive, controlling behaviour...but, she loves right from the depths of herself and that light shines very brightly (anyone who can't see that in her, and there are many, are blind). So to my beautiful Grandmother...Happy Birthday!