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2002-02-07, 9:02 a.m.: finally back in action...

Well, the class was great. I realized that I posses all the skills already that an actor should. Now, it's a matter of using them @ the right times. This wont make any sense, what-so-ever, to anyone who has never taken an acting class, but to go deep into it would take a while. Watching people is one of my favorite things to do...I always like to see how somebody else does something. This could apply to someone I don't know, an actor, a musician, anyone. I love to watch someone's presence and what they choose to do with it. It's fascinating to me. So that's my home-work for next week. I have to watch people every day and come up with stories a/b them...awaken my imagination. I'm fairly imaginative already...my mind is full of crazy shit all the time. I'm going to enjoy taking the focus off myself though, and using it on others...this is going to be perfect.

I am not excited a/b being here today. The phones are already getting on my fucking nerves. I hate when I'm so into something and then the phone starts ringing off the hook. I hate it @ home and I hate it here.

Hey, I had a great sleep yesterday. I woke up feeling so well rested. I think it was the first time in 2 weeks that I haven't woken up all freaked cause I thought I was choking. The other day...I literally got out of my bed and in a panic (I'm assuming) walked over to the stairs utnil I came to and realized that I COULD breathe. So today I DO feel very awake and alive...alot better than I have in a long time. I think the fact that I took that class has alot to do with it, from a psychological perspective. I mean, I think I panic when I don't have something to strive towards. @ least I know I can never be sedentary. Strange how I can be willed from within out and not even be totally conscious a/b it. Pretty damn fucking awesome...if you ask me!

The weather has eased up on us. We're back into the plus degrees again. Those minus' were driving me insane. And making me ill too.

Hmmmm, is that it? I think so, for today that's all...for tomorrow I'm sure there's much more to come...