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2002-01-31, 11:02 a.m.: the snow is coming down HARD...

It's fucking snowing here like crazy!!!! We have a/b 15 cm all ready and there's more where that came from. These are the times I wish I lived in beautiful warm hot weather. I may get to go home though...and that, would be a treat. Actually no, that wouldn't bet that great cause I have nothing to do @ home. Well, I guess I could do my laundry. I get very anxious when I don't have enough to do, you know. I must be constantly doing something and being active. It's just something in me that goes...I NEED TO RELEASE THIS ENERGY I HAVE INSIDE!!!!!!!!

It's my lunch time now...so I'm going to go load up on my protein for now. See you all later....

Oh shit!! I think it's coming down as freezing rain now...and there goes a snow plougher...actually two snow ploughers...