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2002-01-29, 9:44 a.m.: the power of the universe...

So remeber when I said on Friday...a/f fuming like mad...that I prayed and told god to throw it @ me and that I'm ready for it...well, he did. B/c of all the drama I had to deal with I never got a chance to tell you, but he did. He threw it @ me the very next fucking day...and to be totally honest, I didn't even realize it until this weekend.

In a month I will be performing for record execs, producers, etc. I called my vocal instructor on Friday and told her that I will be able to resume lessons with her, b/c I'm not going to school anymore. She told me that she was just talking a/b me to another student on the other line...she went and got off with her and then proceeded to tell me a/b the day/night she had set up for us. I was fucking hysterical in laughter and amazement cause I couldn't believe how I had called her right in time. I'll have to put together a whole performance, and she agreed she'd help me with it. My heart was beating so fast it almost busted out of me...I really couldn't contain myself. I'll be seeing her very soon. I feel like a little girl getting the best present ever. So a note to anyone who doubts the power of the universe...you will be answered you just have to have your eyes open enough to see it.

I just realized something...I've only told one person a/b this. Okay I've gotta go update now.