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2002-01-28, 9:31 a.m.: for my girl...

Yeah...so I may be vain and egotistical and paranoid and all that bad shit on some days. But, I am also caring and considerate, open minded, loving, loyal, and all the good shit on other days. In the end I am a balance of it all...and that is beautiful!

~C...I love you and thanks for all you've done for me. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-that's a zillion kisses for my girl.

*********************I forgot to explain my dream, which was really exciting but fucked up. I had to jump out of this helicopter with some guy, I'm not sure who he was...and we landed in this huge ship that was filled with water. I had to climb over all this shit to get out and into this cargo area where others were waiting. Again, I have no idea who it was with me. Ahh, another thing I forgot to mention was that this Saturday the whole cast of 'QAF' was @ HMV and I missed them.