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2002-01-22, 9:22 a.m.: bored but retreating inward...

Today I'm going in to school early. I'll probably be out of here @ a/r 12:30. By that time everyone will be done lunch and then I can start working straight until dinner...hopefully.

My new to be acting instructor phoned me yesterday and informed me that we will not be starting class this week. She's waiting for registration forms from a few more people and we will most likely begin in a/b 2 weeks. SO I'll be into February and by then school will be finished with. So all in all, everything will work out perfectly in that respect.

In the meantime...I'm going to really look into the figure sketching modelling. I met a guy on Friday who goes to this art school close to where I live and I'm sure he would know some details a/b it. It's a good start, plus I'm completely infatuated by this boy. Yum Yum...

I'm starting to feel very restless again. I hate when I get like this cause I get very agitated...I'm sure it's hard to be a/r me when I get like this. I just need to sink back into myself and figure out where I'm taking things now. It's a process I need to go through to collect my thoughts and ideas. Then when I'm feeling on track I can open up and let it all go again. Mind you I'm still tense, just b/c that's part of me. That's why I need to work out hardcore so that I can release the energy.

@ the gym yesterday, the instructor changed a/r our work out. I swear I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest...it didn't, but it could have. I was all excited cause I had got some new work out gear and I felt all styling in my creation. I never wear shit the way it's made. I've gotta add or take away from it and then it's acceptable. Only once in a blue moon will I find something that's practicaly been designed for me...other than that it's a mix and match process.

So that's a/b it right now. I feel very boring and bored, cause I'm not outwardly doing shit. Well, I'm sure as soon as I walk into that school of mine the drama will begin, so I'd better...enjoy the quiet time.