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2002-01-21, 9:51 a.m.: a tiny little baby girl....

It is a Monday morning and the snow that has piled up on my car is a/b a foot high, since 8:30 this morning. I'm not that fond of snow, unless I'm playing in it in a snow suit...making snow angels and shit.

My w/e was good. I didn't go partying, but I danced @ the T.V dance party on Friday...that was the extent of my dancing. This Saturday I'm going dancing for 12 hrs straight...I don't give a fuck if my legs are killing me. I'll just rest the fuck out of them on Sunday.

I saw my ex on Saturday night. What did we do, you ask? GUESS!!! They say twice a week is a good way to stay fit...we exceeded that limit, and fuck do I feel fit.

Sunday I went to see and old friend of mine who just had a baby. 3 weeks old, and sooo fucking tiny. It was really akward to see her with this baby attached to her breast. This girl is younger than I am...and one of the last people that, by looking @ her, youwould expect to be married witha family. Of course, I knew her better than that, and I also knew that she needed the security of a family of her own...it's the best thing ever to happen to her. She's got a great husband too. She had a beautiful baby girl and she's sooooo cute. I don't want one of my own or anything, but she's still cute.

Okay exciting night tnight...'Queer As Folk' is on and it's the beginning to the new season. Greatly looking forward to it...a/f the gym it's dinner and then relaxing by the T.V. for my weekely dose.