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2002-01-17, 9:43 a.m.: MY lost spot...

I've been losing my parking spot here @ work in the mornings. I've been late for the last couple of days and everytime I am, my co-worker goes and takes my spot. Now, it doesn't have my name on it or anything...but, I decided to park in the lot b/c it's closer to our office than our original parking lot. So, of course it being a brilliant idea she goes and decides to park there too...which is fine, except that she's been stealing my damn spot. I've gotta start coming in early again to get MY spot back. Yeah, so this sounds trivial and shit...so what!

Hey...it's someone's birthday today. I've gotta go wish her a very Hapy Birthday...cause I'm sure she deserves it.

I've got school tonight...fucking great. I get to go in and be disgusted @ my teacher and how she runs her place. You know, it's the students there I'm really going to miss. I've gotta get everyone's number so that I can still keep in touch. I think that's the only sad part a/b this whole thing. Other than that...I'm very happy a/b my decision.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~