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2002-01-16, 2:14 p.m.: a funeral...

I just got back from the funeral. These ones aren't as sad as ones where someone dies b/f their time, you know. I got to see alot of my relatives that we never quite kept in touch with...even though most of my child- hood was spent with them. I think it's my Mother's doing, that we drifted, and I don't exactly know why. Anyways, I got phone numbers and shit and I'm going to keep in touch. I felt, being there, like a part of me was found again. It really did feel like home to be there with them. I mean, the closest man I ever had in my life was my Grandfather (my Father's Dad)...and this is his side of the family. I guess it's no wonder that I felt very @ home. Although it was awkward @ first b/c there was tension...but, for good reason, they haven't seen us in ages so they must wonder why we've been so distant. I'm sure there's history there that I don't even remember...but you know, eventually I'll piece it all together. All I really want to do is keep in touch with my cousins and shit...fuck!!

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~