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2002-01-11, 9:47 a.m.: turning left on the yellow brick road...

Good morning everybody...I am happy to announce that I will no longer be continuing my days as an aspiring hairstylist. I have decided to return to my roots (hahaha) and pursue my performing arts. Since all my life that is where I was based it would be stupid to not follow that path. It's really all that I've enjoyed. As much as hair is fun, it's not really for me. I mean I'm good @ it, but I don't think I was really born to only use my hands. My whole self has always been my best weapon and that is what I should develop as my instrument. I get very discouraged @ the fact that everyone in the business is out for only their own benefit and don't really give a fuck a/b anyone else. Even my teacher, who is suppose to be my mentor, only worries a/b how much money I owe her and what business deals she's got to make. I mean, common, if you can't do both then save yourself and your students the torture (not to mention the $$) and stick with running your own salon. I think I'm allergic to the chemicals used there too, cause I always get those calcium deposit thingies popping up on my inner eyelids when I'm there. It's painful and they constantly make my eyes water for 2 days a/f.

So, I've enrolled already in an acting class. I will re-learn how to use my body to tell a story. Shouldn't be difficult, 13 years of dancing prepared me for that. I plan on continuing with acting, dancing again, and continuing with singing...from there I'm sure my path will be brighter. When I look a/r I already feel as if everything looks more colorful...and no, the sun isn't even out today. This is the way I will go. I want to strike emotions in people, make them look where they never otherwise would have. I don't care if it takes me years to accomplish...this is the path I will take.

I was stuck in a dilema...cause I wanted to get my teaching certificate so that I could teach work-out classes. I came to the decision that it will have to take second, b/c I MUST get started on the acting. This is the winter term for many classes and if I don't do it now I'll have to wait until Spring. That, I DO NOT want to wait for. Tonight I'm going to go back to the live dance party show. I haven't been in a while since my vocal was falling on a Friday...I'm going to go back and dance my ass off. It's time to shine...my year of the Snake is coming to a close...I want to end it in the right direction.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~