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2002-01-10, 9:44 a.m.: oh my fuck...that work-out was grrreat!!!

I had an amazing night yesterday...went to the gym and I took a three fucking classes. The schedule's been changed so I started with a step class, and then went into my spin class and then finished with a sculpt. I was exhausted by the end of the night...my muscles were just a/b to give way on me, but I find it relaxing @ the same time. The only time my mind is totally @ rest is when I am working out...it's just blank. I was told thought that I should work out so that I can always work 100% @ everything. So I may have to vary my program a bit, and I'm getting a weight training program written out for me so that I can concentrate on adding a bit of bulk and then cut that. Alyssa Milano on charmed...she was my idol as a child and right now she has the body that I will one day soon achieve. By summer I'll be almost done.

My best friend got back from Mexico yesterday. I missed he sooo much I was ready to fucking scream and pull my hair out. She went there to climb and se said she had a great time. I never had time to try the whole climbing thing, although I think I'd do well @ it. If my schedule dies down a bit I'll definately be going with her. What I really want to do is go partying with her...she's been my partying buddy for a while now so her returning should be celebrated.

So have I mentioned that the birds in my office have bred and are now nursing a little baby budgie. All that fucking they were doing paid off...he's really cute too. He's grown so fast and I think he's going to be blue. I don't know why I'm calling it he, but I think it's a boy. He hatched on X-Mas day so we've called him Noel. If I knew how to work this computer any better I'd stick a damn picture up of the little guy...he looks alot better now than when he was just born...it was pretty fucking disgusting actually. My cat would love to take a bite out of all of them here...

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~