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2002-01-09, 9:26 a.m.: the beauty within...

Most of the time I am disgusted by the kind of people who surround me. I mean, I guess disgusted is a harsh way to describe it...I'm dissapointed in the types of people who walk the earth and those I come into contact with. But, every once in a while I discover true beings who embody such warmth that chills run up my spine or tears whell up in my eyes. People like this really exist and it's comforting to know. My faith in people is restored and I can relax knowing that not everyone is out to do me harm. I wear a thick shield, but the only ones who can penetrate my shield are those with true love in them, deep feelings, that once tapped would run so wild and free the ecstacy would be unable to be contained...To ~C-you are my angel and quite possibly my devil...both which penetrate to the depths of my soul.