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2002-01-07, 10:46 a.m.: returning to work...

I'm baaaack!!!

So I had an awesome New Years...went up north to a Chalet with a/b 100 people staying there. Days were spent snow boarding and nights were spent partying. I went up with my ex, whom I've been enjoying spending time with again. I guess when you think you're losing someone it really is a reality check. We're not officially together again and I like it this way. I have no obligations to him and anything I do do for him is truly from within as the opposite is true also. This form of union makes him really conscious a/b my feelings and sense of being...I like it. I really do love him...he has the ability to make me hurt and make me happy to both extremes. Only now am I trying to balance the two. It was his b-day on Saturday...his and my sister's also. I celebrated it with him and his family and then we fucked like animals...it was so beautiful. Yesterday night we all went to dinner for my sister...aside from the fact that I was so tense that I broke a glass and cut myself ( I think I was still sexually tense), it was a good night. Anyways, it's suppose to be good luck when you break a glass.

X-Mas was nice, the whole fucking extended family came over to our place cause, my Mother likes to make the event an extravaganza. E was down from Ireland and she spent X-Mas day with us and then I went to her place for X-Mas night. I love shopping for presents and wrapping them up and then giving them to people. The process is something I've always loved to do. Receiving isn't so bad either...damn right!

This whole returning to work thing sucks big dick, but it's something that has to be done. School is really been trying on my nerves cause my teacher's a scamming bitch. I've been doing some serious soul searching over the whole hairstyling thing and the true direction of my destiny. I find that it's not as fulfilling as I had hoped...the fact that it doesn't keep me stimulated is a really bad thing...it just doesn't make it right for me. Also the solid conclusion I've come to regarding my sneaky money hungry teacher just re-inforces my own feelings a/b the profession in general. They can all lick my bleeding cunt...that's what I say!!!

So on that note...

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~