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2002-01-14, 10:05 a.m.: these boots were made for dancing...

Oh my fucking Gawd!!! You should see the boots I bought on Saturday. I fell in love with a pair of brown ones and I was a/b to buy them (even though I don't have much brown, I would have compromised)until this European chick with short black hair and red red lipstick, dressed all in black sits down beside me. I noticed her as soon as she walked in the store cause I knew she had the same tastes as I did. She was grabbing @ all the stilettos and modelling them infront of the mirror. So when she sat down beside me I was modelling the brown boots in the mirror and my mind was bending towards spending my money on them even though I would have to spend more $$ on matching shit with them. So in her hands she lifts up MY boots, just in black. I almost creamed myself...I bent down with her and enthusiastically asked her if they were exactly like mine. SHe said yes and then she even pointed out that they were cheaper than the ones I was trying on. I got the sales broad to bring me out a pair in my size and tried them on. SO now, both me and this European chick are modelling these amazing boots. They were pointed @ the toe, but the sole had a slight square surroundng the toe so that it had a little bit of a cowby boot effect. The heel wasn't a stiletto, but it was a little thicked...easier to walk in. She said that the boots were probably the latest and that that stiletto boot (that I was also tempted to get) was almsot passe. Not, that I usually rely on that as my decision maker, cause if I like it I'll get it. I don't really like to blend in...I like to stick out. So we're gushing over these shoes and I turn to my best friend and tell her I'm getting them in black. She's like, 'yeah!!". European chick then tells the sales girl that she wants to wear hers out...and we both walk up to the cashier with our twin boots, happy as two horny school girls getting fucked for the first time...again, if I could throw a pic up here I would.

So my weekend really consited of shopping...one of my favorite things to do (when I can afford to do it) besides fucking. Friday night I did the T.V. dance party...I had a really good time there. Most of the chicks are very caty, but I get along with the guys (straight and gay) which is fine really. There's this one guy (gay) who I fucking love..he is so damn beautiful...it's the drooling syndrome. I had to tell him how gorgeous he was so I went up to him and told him I thought he was beautiful. He's more fucking graceful than I am...gawd I love him.

So I made some extra cash over the weekend by cutting some hair. Everyone loves the job I do, which is cool. I'm going to keep doing it on the side...speaking of which I've got to call a distributor so that I can order products to my place. I'm going to go do that right now...

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~