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2001-12-13, 8:51 a.m.: S & M @ the gym for the night...

I got shafted @ the gym yesterday. When I got there I was told that my sculpt class had been cancelled, but that the spin class was still on. So I figured I'd just go up and do my own sculpt since I pretty much know what she does in it. There were two other women waiting and I told them I was just going to do my own thing. They asked me to lead the class for them, so I ran down and grabbed some music (House) and ran back up. Along the way I grabbed a friend of mine who was in the weight room and brought her up too. It's hard to lead a class when you don't have a schedule cause it didn't run as smoothly as it should have, but we did well. I know all the weight exercises and the leg and ass and abs, ya know. When it came to the abs, this one lady who I always thought was really snobby goes "O.K, lets all do our own abs". Sure...cause she knows she couldn't keep up with my ab work-out. So we all did our own and of course mine lasted longer than everyone else's, which was better for me b/c I just had to worry a/b myself instead of 4 others. I was proud of myself, and everyone thanked me for the class except for the snob. Then we went to do spinning and M, who I haven't had teach me in a while, did the class. Well, I noticed how much I've progressed from the summer b/c I was doing it twice as fast as he was and I still wasn't as tired as I ususally would be in one of K's class.

B/f I went I had a nice half hour with my sister. It's so fucked how she can be so awful and how I can hate her so much and then how she can seem so fragile and how I can love her so much. She was showing me all these vitamins I could take for different things and giving me some, b/c her boss gives her all the expired ones...which are still useful. So here's a tip...if you ever go into the herbal store and see viatmins for half price that have expired dates on them...buy the damn things and put them in the fidge. Anyways she was in a really good mood yesterady and I took advantage of it. I even gave her some things from my room she could use...that, I usually would never have thought of doing. We did some sibling bonding.

Today I've gotta study Chapter7 from my text book for school. Gotta write the test and then re-do Chapter1-7 by the 20th....a day b/f MY big day!!!!!!

I hope I hurt tomorrow from the work-out yesterday...that's the true test. Yeah, I'm a fucking masochist, I know...

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~

Okay so I did this test once b/f and I was the wave of ????, well I don't remember what the name is...but I just tried it again on this guys page whom I fucking adore....why? b/c he has such an emotional and analytical insight into himself and he's a guy and I can't seem to find those two put together so nicely...anyways so I do the test again and I think I may have picked a different favorite subject or some shit and... here she is...

If I were a work of art, I would be Edgar Degas' Dance Class.

I appear soft and gentle, but hide a core of rigid structure and discipline. I work hard and follow orders, because I am determined to succeed, but remain attached to displays of frivolity and maintaining my appearance.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test