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2001-12-12, 9:15 a.m.: poor Moby and an update...

Got to school yesterday and they had all had an X-Mas dinner. Everyone brought something in from their country to eat....I guess you'd call it a pot luck. So I got to eat all kinds of traditional yummy food. They got no Italian there though yesterday. I told them if they had told me earlier I would have come a bit earlier to join in. We're still all going out for Chinese too next week.

Nothing really exciting to write a/b. I feel so boring. I guess I should be happy I don't have any drama to write a/b....catch 22. You'd think a/r the holidays I'd have lots of shit planned. I'm done X-Mas shopping...just gotta wrap...and then deliver. I still need to buy my X-Mas cards to send out to everyone...that I'll do tonight.

My cat...well, not my cat....my sister's cat. He stepped on something and his paw has been swollen for 3 days now. He couldn't walk on it for a while and just now has he started to touch it down again. But it's still swollen as hell, and my sister doesn't think he needs to go to the vet....too much $$$. So I've been providing him with the comfort and emotional support(if cats need it). Poor thing...he was so active, but with this thing he's a total chilling cat. He must be a little sick too from it all. We've been cleaning it and dropping hydrogen peroxide on it...but if it doesn't get better soon something's going to have to be done. Merry fucking X-Mas Moby....that's his name.

So it's 9:30 and I'm counting down the hours till the gym...my only salvation until this Saturday night.

Ahhhh...I got an update for ya. So T calls me yesterday and tells me (now this has been the fourth time she's tried to convince me now) that she's been thinking (again) and she figures that if it's the $$ that's the problem for me then she'll pay for my cover to the club crawl, since my b-day is coming up and everything. Fuck! Now my b-day's a fucking concern for her. I had to tell her that it wasn't only myself who couldn't and wouldn't spend that much $$ on a night out when I could do it all for half the price @ our place. Besides the fact that they will most likely end up @ the a/f hrs we'll be @, @ the end of their night as one of the clubs on the list. She was upset...and now she knows how I felt when she disregarded my b-day as less important...which she's still doing, b/c only for the benefit of having us there @ hers was she willing to put $$ in and care a/b something to do with MY birthday. She sounded like shit on the phone and when I asked her what was wrong she claimed nothing was. So now she probably thinks I'm hurting her in all of this, when really all this could have been avoided if she had thought a/b me in the first place. Best friend.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~