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2001-12-11, 9:01 a.m.: Raaarrrr sexy boys and girls....

Feeling good today. Thank the fucking Universe!! I went to the gym...worked myself to near exhaustion. I'm really starting to look like a little bulked truck. I'm not huge, but my muscles are looking thicker and compact and toned. My Madonna arms are in sight. If I had more time to work out I could do it quicker, but b/c I have so much other shit to do this is becoming a slow process. I saw Alyssa Milano on Charmed on Sunday and she is looking fucking amazing. We pretty much have the same body type (except for her large implants, and that's how I want my body to look like. Implants?????? Maybe.

I saw an old friend of my ex (and mine) yesterday. He and a friend are going into the studio to record soon and he asked me if I would record some tracks for them when they need a female voice. I was all excited and in awe...fuck yeah!!

You know, it makes such a difference to my mental state when I work out. I notice it right away. When I'm rich and famous...I'm going to train every fucking damn day. That's going to be my prozac...my controller of mood swings. I'll have my own personal gym in my place, equipt with a dance studio for me too. Oh and a pool, and a seperate dungeon for all my S and M shit. That's where I'll keep all my beautiful boys locked up. No cruelty though...they'll enjoy every minute of it. All my girlies can play in the house with me. Okay I'm going off here...

Tonight's school...we'll see how it goes tonight. Joe will be there, so if I think I need help on a hair cut he can give me good advice and maybe some new technique on it too. Saturday was so busy that I didn't even have the teacher to check the cuts until a/f I was done. I've gotta study too, cause I have to write 2 more tests by the 20th. I wanna know when our X-Mas dinner party is for school.

Watched my 'Queer As Folk' yesterday and drooled over my Brian and all the othe boys in that fucking show. I swear I just sit there with my mouth dropped to the ground. Makes my night every time. There are only two shows I watch religiously...'Queer As Folk' and 'Charmed'. Yummy!!!

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~