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2001-12-06, 9:28 a.m.: a night out with the ex and more drama...

Went out with the ex yesterday night. No sex, which was a shame...but we'll make up for it on the weekend. I'll be seeing him on Saturday night. We figure we'll go out and do something. We went to dinner @ the Chinese Restaurant...I fucking love that food! We caught up on news and what's been going on with both of us. I had a crazy migraine and I wasn't totally feeling myself, but I had a good time with him.

We're out of coffee here this morning...so we're dying here from lack of caffeine. My boss is bringing it in and he hasn't gotten here yet. I - am - suffering - here!!!

Feeling better this morning...better than yesterday @ least. Spoke with my friend T a/b the party situation and I broke the news to her that I woudn't be going out with them to the club part a/f the dinner.I told her that I would go to the a/f hours that (apparently) they were suppose to end up @. I said that we'd (S and I) be there when they got there. She sounded dissapointed, but fuck I didn't hear any sympathy when I wasn't included in the plans. She kept saying shit like "Well I just thought we could all party together and have a good time."...I just repeated her sarcastically. I didn't tell her what I was really pissed @...I figure I'll tell her a/f the fact. She can semi enjoy her night and then I'll really let her know that friends don't fucking do that to each other. You know I tried to be one of those chicks that just goes with the flow...well, I 've decided that I just can't do it. I mean sometimes I can, but not when I'm taken for granted or disregarded...FUCK THAT!!! I love my friends and would do anything for them, but the minute they (or I notice) that they're being selfish and self-centered w/o any consideration for me...fuck it. And as far as friends go I'm one of the best and most loyal, but I expect it in return...if I don't get it, then it can get ugly. Personally I don't need that kind of shit...

My sister isn't even going to the dinner part. She thinks that T wouldn't give two fucks a/b her or her birthday so she says "Why should I". Her b-friend got left out of the invitation and 'E' thinks that she's being ridiculous cause she knows how her b-friend would want to come.

So I called my friend K (who we went out with this past Sat) and invited her to come to the a/f hrs with us. I'll do my own birthday thing seperate. Dancing with gay boys and beautiful girlies on 'e' will be much more fun...for us, for me.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~