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2001-12-07, 9:27 a.m.: she fucking yelled @ me...

Well I have officially fucked up my page (no pun intended). I tried to switch around some designs and shit and I just fucked it all to hell. I got a friend to fix it for me and thus, my new page was once born again. I dont know if that makes any sense @ all (the thus) part, but it sounded okay to me.

@ school yesterday my fucking teacher yelled @ me. My blow dries suck...and for good reason, I've only done 3 of them. I've always sucked @ blow drying. I never did my own hair straight b/c it was just too much of a damn hassle for me. Well it's biting me in the ass now. Shitty thing is that everyone else knows how to so nobody has the patience to let me finish their hair. They would rather just do it themselves...and fuck, I'm not going to argue with that. SO yesterday I'm practising on one of the girls there, and teacher comes up and yells @ me to do it faster.-telling me I'm going to lose my customers and shit by going so slow. I yelled that I was trying andthen I got severley pissed cause she grabbed the brush from my hands to show me. Now I'm a 5 foot 2 petite fucking chick. Yeah I'm strong, but I'm not 5 foot 6 with almost 200 lbs behind me...damn right she's got more pull on the brush and can go faster. Plus she has how many years? behing her. I was pissed, and when I'm mad you usually know....unless I'm trying hard to hide it. So a/f I was done I went over to my manequin (whose hair was wet) and I blow dried her whole head. So, angry as hell I pulled on her hair and tried my best to do it right. When I get angry (whether it be @ myself or anyone else) I focus so well...I swear I could fucking move a mountain. Now of course a/f you yell @ me don't expect me to do anything on your time or to your convienience...so I may be a little sensitive, but I also hate to be told what to do. So a/f I ignored some of her requests she came upto me and told me not to get mad @ her, that she only is being tough on me for my benifit and that I'd never learn if she just let me be and praised me when I was doing it wrong. Yeah so she's right...so what. She was right though...and now that I think a/b it she made me work a hell of alot harder. I really have to focus there, cause I noticed I've been slacking since Joe (guy beside me) has been there. I cannot let anything take my focus off my work...that was my promise to myself yesterday. I really did see the difference in what I can do and what I have been doing the last couple weeks. I also cut a guys cut yesterday...he was really picky, but half these people don't really know what looks good on themselves. I did it a little shorter than he had really wanted it, but it looked sharp on him. So yelling aside...it was a productive night yesterday.

I feel really good today too. Oh...my best friend from Ireland is coming down for the holidays. I'm very excited I can't wait to see her!!

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~