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2001-12-05, 9:52 a.m.: feeling like shit...

I feel like complete shit today. I think I'm coming down with something b/c I woke up with a severe headache on my right side and my eyes were all swollen. This weather is great that we're having, but it really wrecks havoc on my sleeping pattern b/c I never know if it's going to be warm @ night or cold.

I took the day off yesterday to get some stuff done...which I did complete. It was my fatehr's birthday so we all went out for dessert a/f I finished school.

This morning I stupidly opened that e-mail virus that EVERYONE has probably been hearinf a/b. I'm such a sucker for those damn thing...I'm so fucking nosy. Anyways, luckily it all happened yeterday while I was away so I probably saved our sompany alot of hassles. Although I'm sure someone else whose just as nosy as me did the same shit. Right a/f I found out it wasa virus, I looke down @ the paper on my desk and read the article "E-mail virus hits Internet's immune system"..."FUCK!"

SO tonight I'm probably going to go see my ex...he said he wants to do something and since I'm physically feeling like garbage I think I'll skip the gym so that my body can recover slightly from it's illness.

My friend T is really pissing me off and I think I may just have to kill her (kidding, I'm not that psychotic). Aside from being so fucking pushy a/b shit, which personally I cannot deal with...she's extremely insensitive to and self-centered. The latest she pulled was planning a birthday thing for herslef and not including me. NOw she's having her thing 5 days a/f her birthday and mine is five days later from that. Now you may think I'm being childish, but this was discussed b/f , but for some reason it slipped her fucking stupid mind. As far as I'm concerned a good friedn (which she is suppose to be) would take into consideration the feelings of others especially when it concerns a birthday. So I decided that I'm not going. I've been told I'm being petty a/b it, but I don't think I am @ all. I'll go to the dinner part, but that's it...I'll even leave early. See how she fucking likes it to feel like she's been forgottten or over-looked. I would NEVER do that to someone...unless they do it to me first...then FUCK THEM!!!!!!

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~