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2001-12-03, 9:37 a.m.: long sleep and a headache...

I'm still in recovery from the weekend. I now remember why I quit that shit in the first place....

Friday night I had my last vocal lesson. My coach took me out for coffee and dessert a/f. She even gave me a free lesson with one of her assistants b/c I was still in the process of deciding whether I was going to continue or not, for now. I figure any chance I get of being infront of new people and practising or singing is good for me (aside from the fact that it's another lesson, of course).

Saturday was school as usual. I'm back @ the school, not @ her salon anymore...thank god! A/f school my baby cousin had a birthday party, so I went over there and then home to get ready to go out. That night we were suppose to head to see the breakdancers, but we were on guest list @ this after hours place and we had to be in b/f 12. So considering that we wanted to stay there all night and morning we missed the break dancers and went to get really high. What a trade off, eh? I paid for it in the morning, when I tried to go to sleep @ 7:30 and I was still fucked out of my mind. Falling into and out of sleep for 3 hours was no treat as my body was buzzing and my head was lost in the clouds somewhere. A/f a couple hours I was praying that I just relax and go to sleep. I had to be up @ 12 to get ready for my friends baby shower. Up to shower, wrap gifts, and pick-up my Grandmother...I was an hour late.

Her shower was nice...we ate and she opened gifts. She's due the end of December, beginning of January. It's nice to see her happy. This traditional shit really makes her happy...it's amazing.

Anyways...I slept for 10 hours yesterday...felt good except for the slight headache I have now. The true test is to see how I do @ the gym tonight.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~