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2001-11-30, 10:00 a.m.: break-dancing beats...

My morning has started out stressful already. I know I shouldn't let the little things get to me, but soemtimes they do. My boss was using my computer yesterday night a/f I left and this morning the whole fucking system was screwed up. I just got it working right now...and who knows if I was being sent e-mails that he would have seen or deleted or whatever. Maybe I'm being paranoid or maybe I'm suffering from some major mood swing problem,but it really pissed me off this morning. I was bothering the shit out of our head office trying to get them to fix it for me...they probably hate me now. I don't care though, fuck, I've got work to do too. And yeah I know I'm not working now, but you get it right...and if not well fuck it!

@ school yesterday I did a great roller set up-do on my manequin. Very neat and perfect...just the way I need it to be done. I was getting frustrated cause I hate to re-do things if they're wrong. My teacher grabbed me and told me I've gotta love doing it b/c that way I'll get it perfect and love it. I like how she gives me little side notes of inspiration along the way...even if she is kinda greedy. She's still a great hairstylist. I told her also that I wasn't going to go to her salon anymore on Saturdays. She said she'd rathe rhave me there so that she can train me to work there eventually. I told her that I would be more comfortable @ the school for now. Personally I don't really want to work for her there, but I never told her that...I can leave that till a later date. I need to be @ a funky stylish salon...not a high class expensive spa type place. It's just not my style...not now...maybe when I'm in my 50's. Fuck even then I probably wouldn't want a place like that.

I'm very excited a/b Saturday night. I'm going out dancing (my favorite thing to do) with my girlfriend. We're going to this club that's showcasing one of the best break-dancing teams around. I love love love watching break-dancers. What I would give to learn how to do that shit. I remember once this guy I knew tried to teach me, and I tried to teach him some of my moves. I'm very looking forward to that night. It's high on my excitement priority list. I'll tell you all a/b it when I get back on Monday. Hopefully it'll run all night and morning...if not we'll head over to the closest underground club and spend the rest of the time there.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~